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matejmuller October 5, 2011 16:07

InterFoam and boundary conditions

I'm new in CFD so please excuse my ignorance. I want to simulate a 3D flow in a channel with free surface and an inflow and outflow boundary. I'm using interFoam to do this, but i can't get the boundary conditions right. I have tried on the inlet boundary to use a fixed value for U, zerogradient for p and fixed value for alpha, but i don't know what to prescribe on the outlet boundary (inletOutlet for U and totalPressure for p?). Please help me on this, Thanks, Matej

ata October 6, 2011 13:58

InterFoam and boundary conditions
You can use totalPressure for p_rgh and pressureInletOutletVelocity for U and zeroGradient for alpha1
Good luck

matejmuller October 7, 2011 08:46

Thank you for your answer...I don't know if i understand this totalPressure boundary, does this mean than you prescribe a constant total energy and the water surface then adjusts itself according to the calculated velocity? Is the pressureInletOutletVelocity boundary for U as a zerogradient for the outflow? thanks

ata October 7, 2011 12:28

Not exactly. You can see the source code for details.
Good luck

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