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Zuixy October 18, 2011 04:46

LES simulation with Smagorinsky2 model

I'm working on a simulation of air flow through a grid. I did one simulation with PimpleFoam and the kOmegaSSTSAS model and i worked.

Now i would like to use the Smagorinsky2 model but I couldn't find a solver. I thought pimple or piso should work but if i use them i always get the error, that it is an Unkown LESmodel.
I searched through the internet and found that it would work with oodles which is piso in the new versions of Openfoam.

Any Idea?

I'm using OpenFoam 2.0.1.

Regards, Tom

Bernhard October 18, 2011 05:15

Can you make sure that the Smagorinsky2 model is actually compiled? In the src folder, I don't find the Smagorinsky2.dep file?

Zuixy October 18, 2011 07:09

Thanks for the hint.

But I have some problems compiling the model.
I change the src/turbulenceModels/incompressible/LES/Make/files file and run Allwmake in src/turbulenceModels/incompressible.

I get the error:
Smagorinsky2/Smagorinsky2.C:57:1: error: class ‘Foam::incompressible::LESModels::Smagorinsky2’ does not have any field named ‘cD2’

What do i have to change in the file?
Another thing that i noticed is that there is no Smagorisky2.o file in src/turbulenceModels/incompressible/LES/Make/linux64GccDPOpt

Zuixy October 20, 2011 06:17


here is my porgess. (not sure if it is really a progress)

In the Smagorinsky2.c file i change the line 108 from:



cD2_.readIfPresent(coeffDict()); // ading a _

After that i was able to compile the model. Then the next problem appears. There was a problem of wrong dimensions. So a made a dimensions analysis and change the line 94 from:

I*nuEff() + cD2_*delta()*symm(gradU)


I*nuEff() + cD2_*delta()*delta()*symm(gradU) //ading a *delta()

I'm not sure if this change is correct because i was not able to find any formulas about the Smagorinks2 model.

Now I'm able to start the simulation but i'm getting a segmentation fault before the first value is calculated.

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