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diegosene October 27, 2011 11:33

Problems implementing new Boundary Condition
Hello guys, I am quite new in OpenFoam.
I am trying to implement a new Boundary condition.
when I try to run the solver in a case using the new boundary condition. I get this error

Unknown patchField type eulerWT for patch type patch

it cant load the library from the new BC.

I already compiled the BC with no errors.
I even tried to take the solver folder and link it to the BC.
I compiled the solver with no erros and the BC with no errors.
i wrote the lybrary in the controlDict file and wrote the name of the BC in the 0/p file.(for example, for the pressure in Outlet)..

and when i run blockMesh i get this
--> FOAM Warning :
From function dlLibraryTable::open(const fileName&, const bool)
in file db/dynamicLibrary/dlLibraryTable/dlLibraryTable.C at line 96
could not load ""

Someone knows what´s going on?

Thanks in advance

diegosene October 27, 2011 11:34

i forgot to say that i checked all the writting a thousand times. there is no typo errors

marupio October 27, 2011 11:47

1. Does your controlDict include:

libs ( "" "" );
where is whatever you named the library with your custom boundary condition.

2. Is it actually loading this library? At the very start of your output, if it fails to load your custom boundary condition library, it will print a Warning to the console. Look for this warning.

3. Does the name in your initial condition file match that of the one you gave to the boundary condition?

In the custom boundary condition, you need to have:


or anything like that.

That's all I can think of.

boger October 28, 2011 11:52

If you look at this post, I have a suggestion there for slightly modifying OpenFOAM to get some more information about why the library wouldn't load. In the meantime, this has been added by OpenCFD to the current version of OpenFOAM 2.0.x:

commit 0751ac3493413df71369f61a8ec608c00808822e
Author: mattijs <mattijs>
Date:  Mon Oct 24 19:37:40 2011 +0100

    ENH: dlLibraryTable: use dlError if library cannot be loaded

marupio October 28, 2011 12:03

That's right! Thanks for reminding me, David. If you recently upgraded to gcc 4.6.1, there are linking problems that are resolved in the latest patch. This would cause these problems. See this thread:

skn October 31, 2011 22:32

I want to setup line-tying boundary condition for a cylindrical flux tube. I need to solve induction equation dB/dt=curl(vxB) at the foot point(for z=0 and L). The magnetic field component B_z is constant and normal velocity v_z=0. The tube axis is along Z-direction. Kindly help me. I am new in this area.

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