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Far November 12, 2011 04:50

Automatic/hybrid/compound wall functions
1. I would like to know openfoam has the following hybrid wall treatemnt corresponding to the automatic wall treatment of CFX

a. nutSpalartAllmarasWallFunction
b. nutUSpaldingWallFunction

2. Some one mentioned ( that the wall function at para 1. a is now renamed as on para 1. b. in Openfoam 2.0.1.
Is this correct?

3. Has any body used these wall function in openfoam for more complex geometrics commonly used in industrial CFD e.g. a. Complete Aeroplane with fins and wings 2. Transonic compressor and turbine 3. Massively separated flows due to either high angle of angle or due to boundary layer behaviour. What is the main conclusion of this study? Are result comparable with the available research and/or with CFX results?

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