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Alexanger November 16, 2011 11:52

difficultis using cavitatingFoam
Dear all,
i'm trying to simulate cavitating flow around circular cylinder using cavitatingFoam. The case running shows a little bit instable, i mean it easily break down. It seems that difficulties lie in solving p equation. the result shows that very high or low pressure value points exist where there is high velocity gradien.

i wonder if anyone have simulated that flow(maybe around foil) or anyone meet similar difficulties in using cavitatingFoam.

anyway,i know fabian peng Karrholm did a lot of simulation by cavitatingFoam, if anyone could tell me how to contact him(by any means).
Thank you all guys。

Irish09 February 1, 2012 13:36

Any progress?

I would be interested to know if you have made any progress on this front?

I am currently trying to evaluate the pros and cons of cavitatingFoam for diesel injectors. I know Karrholm did some work on this front, however looking through his PhD dissertation, stuck to rather low injection pressures, ~7 MPa, where as I am looking to investigate 150 MPa injections. I have been sucessful in setting the injection pressure to 150 MPa, but so far I have only had stability when the ambient pressure is 50 MPa. I am trying to get down to 6 MPa, so still a ways to go.

While both my work and Karrholms was focused on internal flows, it may have some crossover with the external flows you have been investigating.

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