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pcaste12 December 4, 2011 14:30

Changing BC in squareBend
I have a question about the flowRate in the tutorials squareBend:
for inlet in U it is fixed to 0.5, i suppose its kg/s?
I have done some simple conversion and I get a velocity around 510m/s, am I right? could somebody agree?
Unfortunatly if I put a fixed value of this velocity then rhoSimplecFoam is ending at the 2 iterations!!!

Any suggestion?

Many thanks,

pcaste12 December 6, 2011 07:00

Just adding info
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Hi guys,
So i am still trying to understand how it is working, again on the squareBend I have inputed (and configured) a velocity like inlet. I am also using the swak4Foam in order to get the inlet massFlow.
1/ the tutorials case gives around 500m/s velocity and a simulated massFlow around 0.49 kg/s (which correspond to the inlet value)
2/ the new case generated using inlet velocity of 50m/s gives a simulated massFlow of 0.045 kg/s which is consistant

The (may be stupid) question is why I couldn't get a run working with more than 50m/s as inlet velocity?

Many thanks,

Note: I have attach the case.

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