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xiao December 8, 2011 11:32

Reynolds stress transport model with elliptic relaxation
Dear FOAMers,

The number of Reynolds Stress Transport Models implemented in OpenFOAM seems to be relatively small (only LRR and LaunderGibson as I know of). Both are high-Re formulation, i.e. wall functions should be used.

For my research, I need wall-resolved RSTM. Therefore, I implemented two formulations of RSTM with elliptic relaxations/blending, i.e.:

Durbin Elliptic Relaxation Model (Durbin1993)
Hanjalic Elliptic Blending Model (Manceau2002)

My colleague M. Wild reviewed the code, cleaned up the style, and made up a lot of improvements. Now, the code is hosted on github, together with a solver and an example case. The address is:

You can obtain them by:

git clone git://

More information please see the README and the code itself. Any feedback or improvement is appreciated!

- [Durbin1993] Durbin, 'A Reynolds stress model for near-wall turbulence'.
J Fluid Mech 249, 1993.

- [Manceau2002] Manceau and Hanjalic, 'Elliptic blending model: a new
near-wall Reynolds-stress turbulence closure'. Phys Fluid 14 (74), 2002.

- [Manceau2001] Manceau, Wang, and Laurence, 'Inhomogeneity and anisotropy
effects on the redistribution term in Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes
modelling'. J Fluid Mech 438, 2001.

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