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emjay December 16, 2011 08:58

the shock tube problem and its artifacts with sonicFoam
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Hello OpenFOAMers,

here is a simple problem. I took the shock tube case from tutorial/sonicFoam/laminar and modified it from an 1D to a 2D-Dimensional Problem.

The mesh has 1000x64x1 (x,y,z) elements in each coordinate.
I want to calculate the inviscid Solution of this case, so i set the boundary conditions for pressure to zerogradient, for the walls to slip and for the temperatur to zerogradient.

in my case/png is a video where you see the velociy in y-direction.
So why is there a velocity u_y grater?
I tried different schemes, a finer mesh, and different bc but nothing helps.
The velocity distribution seems to be generated through the shock wave.

May be someone has an idea and could try it on yours computer, with TVD or MUSCL scheme.

With best regards

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