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fferroni January 8, 2012 14:40

boundary conditions on mhdFoam duct flow
Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the mhdFoam solver in openFOAM.

In the mhdFoam.c description is says that one cannot set any boundary conditions from \vec{J} or the electric potential. Very well... so:

If one needs to set the boundary conditions that describe a wall as i.e. perfectly conducting or perfectly insulating, then how does one go about it (if at all)?

In an induction based approach (I think this is what mhdFoam is), then a perfectly insulating wall would have the induced magnetic field b = 0, and in a perfectly conducting wall db/dn = 0.




levka November 14, 2012 06:32

for conducting walls apply for B: zeroGradient at the walls + initial cond.
for insulating walls apply for B: B (.. .. ..) at the walls + initial cond.
got it?

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