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Kaskade January 11, 2012 11:59

pimpleDyMFoam vs transientSimpleDyMFoam

I am currently in the process of simulating a radial pump using GGIs. Can someone please tell me the advantages of one solver over the other. They seem to be the only two available/relevant to my case.
So far I have noticed that pimpleDyMFoam runs 5 times as fast as transientSimpleDyMFoam, while the residuals for p remain higher.


be_inspired March 23, 2015 10:31

Any news?
I am trying to find the best solver that allow me to increase CFL at the limit I need.

Kaskade March 23, 2015 16:18

Honestly: Back when I wrote that, I had barely started using CFD. Right now I am using Fluent and haven't touched OF for more than a year.

The choice between the two solvers is down to which OF you are using. Vanilla or extend. Personally I prefer PISO to SIMPLE. I think if you set the Outer Iterations in PIMPLE to 1, you end up with PISO.

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