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AlmostSurelyRob January 13, 2012 13:20

twoPhaseEulerianFoam in horizontal channel: turbulence breaks the model?
Dear OpenFOAM users and developers,

I have recently started playing with twoPhaseEulerianFoam. I am trying to run a simple horizontal channel case. The setting is roughly as follows:

Inlet 1m/s for both velocities and alpha set to 0.5.
Outlet: Zero gradient for velocities, total pressure and InletOutlet for phase fraction with 0.5 inletValue (now I am also trying zeroGradient)
Walls: zero gradient for epsilon and fixed value for k

I am running a liquid/liquid case so it's oil and water of 1000 and 820 density. I can give more details.

After around two seconds flow time the simulation breaks. Why? It seems to me that turbulent quantities grow exponentially. Can you think of any possible flaw in my boundary condition or setting? Please let me know if you have any experience in using this code.

Also, but this might be the topic for a different thread, I would appreciate if we could discuss the turbulence model. I am looking at the implementation and it seems to me a to be a standard k-epsilon but with phase fraction included. The Gosman source terms, described in Rusche2002, are not included (?). Also, only the continuous phase (phaseb) is turbulent.

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