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Ancioi January 16, 2012 07:37

Droplet evaporation in gas mixture flow
Hello everybody,

I'm a newbie in CFD and I'm moving my first steps in numerical simulation using OpenFOAM. Aim of my project is, as you can see from post title, to simulate an evaporation process coupled to a turbulent flow.

I have a droplet of liquid metal which evaporates in a cylindrical pumping cell, a turbulent atmosphere made of three non-interacting gas species pass through the above cited pumping cell.

I already generated a 3D Mesh for my problem, it's a cylindrical pipe with two different section (two different diameters).Moreover I know the PDE equations which describe the model; it's a PDE system including Navier-Stokes equation, Heat equation with a source term, Diffusion equations and so on.

What kind of solvers should I use to solve my model?

Thanks in advance!

subha_meter February 26, 2013 18:52

You may have already solve this problem. Just in case not, have you tried dieselFoam? This solver is meant for modelling spray vaporization.

I have solved similar problem in Fluent, using Eulerian-Lagrangian mode with two way coupling which considers mass,momentum and energy transfer between the Eulerian phase (hot gas) and Lagrangian phase (the droplets).

acubillosv November 17, 2013 17:28

Hi Ancioi, have you solved your problem ? I have a similar problem and I don't know where start. Could you give some advance ?
Thank you

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