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Mat_fr January 17, 2012 12:03

particle forces in lagrangian (intermediate) libraries
Hello everybody,

I'm really new with OpenFOAM. My work is related to the simulation of the motion of a cloud of particles. In the equation of motion for each particle, I would use the pressureGradient force. However, I obtain this error :
"Force pressureGradient must be specified as a dictionary"
Does it exist a tutorial using the pressureGradient force for the computation of the particle's motion ? Or someone knows how to use it, and what should be specify with this force ?
(Usually, only sphereDrag and gravity forces are used.)

I have an other question:
I saw that in the 1.7 version, there was the possibility to use the virtualMass force. Why it has not be kept for the 2.0 version ?

Thank you for your help.


Mat_fr February 22, 2012 12:55

For those who are interested, one should precise the velocity field used to calculate the pressure gradient force. For example, it could be done simply as following :

U U;



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