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magjohan January 27, 2012 10:38

pimpleDyFoam mesh problems with interacting areas!

Im using temporarily OpenFOAM 2.1 and want to simulate a setup containing two gears in a house (pumping flow). The thing is that it sounds easy but gets almost immediately problematic since the rotating mesh region from the first gear interact with the region of the second gear.

So far, I've been looking at the propeller tutorial, its a very good tutorial and the problematic in the case is comparable with the one that Im facing, except the interaction between the gears!

A possible solution would be to pre-mesh the case and rotate the gears inside the mesher, but will take a lot of time and effort.

Please OFoamers, give me some tips or hint how to solve this!


kid April 12, 2012 06:13

Hi Sorry,
You might thinking i am answering your problem. But instead i am in need for advice.

From your post it seems you have done the propeller problem. (At least same case)
I am just doing that, but things are pritty complicated for me in this tutorial.

2. What is the role of importing geometry , i do not know if atall it is required? ( At least the object which has to rotate ( suppose a turbine).

3. How to i create the innerCylinder and outerCylinder?
1.How to create mesh


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