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Sylvain January 30, 2012 08:57

user BC for lagrangian simulation
Hello everybody

I'm trying to implement a new user BC for lagrangian simulations. The idea is to start from the StandardWallInteraction code and to change some lines inside to fit my purpose. I have tried to implement that condition using two different ways

1) I made a copy of StandardWallInteraction and changed the name of the functions and put it inside the same directory (src/lagrangian/intermediate/submodels/Kinematic/PatchInteractionModel). I also updated the /src/lagrangian/intermediate/parcels/include/ makeParcelPatchInteractionModels.H file with my new model and tried to recompile the whole intermediate library. But the compiler failed in finding my code. I don't know why.
2) The second way is to copy the StandardWallInteraction BC inside the Run directory, change its name and compile it inside a user library. To do that I used the same files and library as for compiling the intermediate directory (+ the library of intermediate) inside the Make directory. But the compilations failed. With the following error I don't understand


totoInteraction/totoInteraction.C:31: error: redefinition of ‚Foam::totoInteraction<CloudType>::totoInteraction(const Foam::dictionary&, CloudType&)‚
Is there anybody who tried and "succeeded" in compiling a new PatchIntreactionModel? Anyone has an idea how to make it conveniently? It looks a little more complicated than for a standard userBC for the flow.

Thanks ahead for any clue


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