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impecca February 1, 2012 06:43

How to implement the zonal (or layering) RANS and LES method
Dear foamers

I am trying to implement a wall model which is known as zonal (or layering or two-layer) RANS and LES method. Papers related to this model are below

1. Wang and Moin, Dynamic wall modeling for large-eddy simulation of complex turbulent flows, Physics of Fluids, 2002

2. L. Temmerman, M. Hadžiabdic, M.A. Leschziner, K. Hanjalic, A hybrid two-layer URANS–LES approach for large eddy simulation at high Reynolds numbers, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, Volume 26, Issue 2, April 2005, Pages 173-190,

In these models, simplified RANS equations need to be solved in the 'inner' or 'embedded' mesh which is different from global mesh for LES (global mesh means that the mesh which is saved in /constant/polyMesh/ folder). So I am wondering is there any way to deal with two different mesh and equations at the same simulation with its overlap area (the inner mesh overlaps on the global mesh) in OpenFoam? I really don't know where to start. if there is any prototype case or any other approach to cope with this issue that you know, please let me know. and any other advice will be very grateful.


zht_shanghai December 10, 2012 22:52

Hi, Yusik.
I have exactly the same questions with you. So did your problems finally get solved? or you have other advice? Any reply will be appreciated, thanks.

vonboett January 15, 2013 11:05

Maybe of interest: Keylock et. al used that approach to model rivers and streams and they provide some suggestions for the grid resolution and several values for parameters used for the Reynolds averaged wall layer simulation, and of course all the equations:

Keylock et. al (2012) "The application of computational fluid dynamics to natural river channels:
Eddy resolving versus mean flow approaches" in Geomorphology 179 (2012) 1–20

I still work with wall functions or even just vanDriest Damping but I would be happy if someone gets further than that in OF.

ArpanS March 10, 2017 13:34

Hello everyone

I am trying to implement a similar methodology into OpenFoam. Specifically I am working on implementing non-equilibrium models in a refined embedded mesh close to the walls of IC engines to solve for wall heat transfer. Any pointers on how to get started with embedding such a mesh into the existing mesh, solving additional PDEs on the embedded mesh and passing information between the two meshes would be of great help.


huangxianbei May 16, 2017 22:52

To the best of my knowledge, the hybrid method contains both hard interface and soft interface between LES and RANS. Therefore, you may not need to split the mesh into 2 parts. Setting a appropriate y+ should be more convinient. While, the problem remains to solve the interface which couples the 2 methods. That's to say, the RANS field should increase fluctuation and LES should damping towards the interface. I'm interested in this topic, if you have any further research, I'm glad to communicate with you.

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