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vtqanh February 23, 2012 14:30

Problems running pitzDaily tutorial
Hi all,
I'm trying to do some scalability benchmarking for Openfoam and I'm using the Windows port of OpenFoam 2.0.x by Symscape. My background is in MPI and not in CFD so I'd appreciate any help :)

I did not change any part of the case other than providing the decomposeParDict file that looks like this

version 2.0;
format ascii;
class dictionary;
object decomposeParDict;
method scotch;
distributed no;
roots ( );

numberOfSubdomains 2;

I ran blockmesh, and then decomposePar, and then simpleFoam -parallel. SimpleFoam outputs a few timesteps, and then it just hangs in there without any progress. The last output is "Seeded 10 particles"
Is this a problem with the way I setup the model?

alberto February 24, 2012 03:41

The decomposePar dict should work. The correct syntax to run in parallel is:

mpirun -np 2 simpleFoam -parallel

but probably you just wrote it in short in your post.

I am not familiar with using OpenFOAM on Windows however, since it is not a directly supported platform. You might want to try asking directly to Symscape if you do not figure out what is the root of the problem.


anishtain4 November 2, 2012 16:06

vtqanh, can you tell me where you got text for this tutorial?

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