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enoch February 24, 2012 16:42

*.relax() in bubbleFoam (piso)?
I don't understand what the role of .relax() is in the bubbleFoam.





Does .relax() mean a relaxation factor? the bubbleFoam solver used in OF1.7 adopts the "PISO" algorithm. This algorithm does not need any relaxation factor for solving U, alpha and p. Please enlighten me with you comments. Thanks.

robbirobocop February 28, 2012 03:33

If you use PIMPLE you can use relaxation factors. The PISO algorithm (in my opinion) does not have the possibility of relaxation in bubbleFOAM.

So if nOuterCorrectors is > 1 you use PIMPLE and additionally you can optionally use relaxation.

enoch February 28, 2012 11:41

I'm using OF 1.7.1 so the bubbleFoam solver adopts "PISO". Do you mean p.relax()/UaEqn.relax()/alpha.relax() do nothing?

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