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saba_saeb February 28, 2012 19:09

Velocity Boundary Condition (urgent!)
Hi Guys,

I have just started using OpenFoam to simulate a simple 2D channel flow and I faced problem in setting the appropriate boundary conditions. I am just aware of the pressure in inlet and outlet without having any idea about velocity values in these two points. I used "pressureDirectedInletOutletVelocity" and "pressureInletOutletVelocity", but these didn't work and I got strange results. Can anyone help me please with velocity boundary conditions in this case?


kmooney February 28, 2012 22:32

If you have a fixed deltaP boundary condition then a Von Neuman (zeroGradient) BC on velocity should be appropriate for channel flow.

saba_saeb February 28, 2012 22:38

Hi Kyle,

Tnx for your response. In the case that I am dealing with, there is a pressure gradient over time at inlet. Does zeroGradient work also under this condition?

kmooney February 28, 2012 22:40

From what I gather it should work. Give it a try!

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