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santiagomarquezd February 29, 2012 14:31

rho in fvc::flux
Hi all, I'm looking for the way the give the fvc::flux a density with a different name of "rho", from the code we have that when we're dealing with a mass flux, then the following code is executed (PhiScheme.C):


00069    if (this->faceFlux_.dimensions() == dimDensity*dimVelocity*dimArea)
00070    {
00071        const volScalarField& rho =
00072            phi.db().objectRegistry::template lookupObject<volScalarField>
00073            ("rho");
00075        tUflux = this->faceFlux_/fvc::interpolate(rho);
00076    }

so the problem density is obtained from the objectRegistry. The issue is that it seems FOAM only search for "rho" named density.

Is it possible to give a different name for the density in the case of fvc::flux operataror like in BC's?

Thanks in advance.

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