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dancfd March 2, 2012 22:20

Question Re: Residuals
Hello all,

I have a question regarding residuals. I am running pimpleFoam, and after running foamLog I am not certain which of the many residual files will tell me how well my simulation is converging. I have the following files: p_0, p_1, p_2, p_3, pFinalRes_0, pFinalRes_1, pFinalRes_2, and pFinalRes_3. p_0 is typically ~0.5, and pFinalRes_0 ~1e-12 (equal to my convergence criterion). Note that this is a transient sim, so I expect the residuals to be higher than the 1e-5 that would normally be acceptable for a steady sim. Can someone please confirm that it is p_0 that is the true measure of convergence?



Ralph M March 14, 2012 05:51

Dear Daniel,

I never have used foamLog but I guess that the different files for the pressure are due to the use of correctors (as defined in the fvSolution-file) and subcycles. My bet would be that p0 would be indeed the best measure for convergence.



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