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pit March 9, 2012 08:53

kinetic model from FLUENT to OpenFoam
Hi Foamers,

actually I try to transfer a kinetic model from Fluent to OpenFoam (1.7) to compare the results. But I'm a bit cofused about the units. Fluent using standard SI units ([E_A]=J/{kg mol}) like OpenFoam.

But there is a big difference in the activation energy (CH4+2O2-->CO2+H2O: E_A=2e8) value which prevent any ignition.

How is the 'normal' way to convert/transfer a kinetic model between these two programs?

Kind regards

amin_jalalian February 27, 2016 19:21

the unit of E_a in interface of fluent is wrong (J/kgmol !!). In the theory guide of fluent the unit of E_a is J/kmol which is true.

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