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bathgooner March 14, 2012 14:35

Using turbineSiting Tutorial for a 2D model
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I'm still very new to OpenFOAM. I'm looking in to modeling wind flow over 2D terrains that have been created with GPS coordinate points. I have managed to take cuts of this 3D map, convert to STL and to then use SnappyHexMesh to model these meshes.

I have used turbineSiting tutorial as a kind of template for my studies. I have manage to manipulate it so I can actually run the solver 'windSimpleFoam' on my mesh, however the wind doesn't flow correctly, spiraling just past the inlet. (See picture attached)

I think there may be more things I need to change for the windSimpleFoam to work from a 3D model (the tutorial) to my 2D model. I believe my boundary conditions to be correct. Anyone have any ideas?


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