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danvica March 15, 2012 03:57

Acoustic in OF
Starting from pisoFoam result (water flow into a valve), is it possible to obtain information regarding acoustic behavior ?

In high level words: how noisy will be the valve ?

Having obtained force data on a patch is it reasonable to look at them and, for example, calculate FFT to have an approximation of the sound spectrum ?


danvica March 19, 2012 09:41

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I did what was in the previous post and here attached you can find the result.

I think pisofoam cannot be used to have acoustic information directly because it's an incompressible solver but... is it physically correct, even with this solver, to look at the pressure on an external patch to get some information on the generated noise ?

Or do I have to quit the idea ?

Thanks for any hint.

P.S. The simulation is still running. I need to collect many more force points in order to have a more precise result at low frequencies. But if I have to quit...

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