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danvica March 18, 2012 12:14

Question on courant number
I'm running a pisofoam with k-OmegaSST turbolence model case with an average courant number of about 0.04 but a max value of 3.2.

The residual for all the variables are ok, so far the solver had calculated thousand steps without any problem, but...

How can I verify whether the results are trustable ?

Is courant number just an indication of the convergence or something more ?

Thanks for any comment.

kumar March 19, 2012 03:48

From my experience to check if your solution is right or not you should also check the residuals, especially the Final residuals.

I think courant number is mostly used to check the stability and to keep your solver with in the limits of the deltaT, to achieve a reliable and stable solution.

K.Suresh kumar

akidess March 19, 2012 03:55

The Courant number doesn't even indicate convergence. All it says is that for the PISO algorithm to work, you'll probably get into troubles if your maximum Courant number is larger than 1.

Does it make sense for your case that the maximum and the average velocity are so two orders of magnitude apart? Do you have any (experimental) data you can use as a guide?

- Anton

danvica March 19, 2012 07:19

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm simulation the flow of water into a valve. As you (Anton) said, two order of magnitude is a lot.
So far, from Paraview, all I can say is that the flow velocity in the valve is nowhere more that three times the one at the inlet.

Basing on the definition of Courant number this means there's some "problem" with the mesh. But is it a problem (if the solver converges) ?


kmooney March 19, 2012 11:11

If your Co is getting that high I'm guessing that you don't have adjustable time stepping enabled and a maxCo defined. Look into the controlDict options available and try it out.

danvica March 19, 2012 11:32

No, your're right.
But I don't want to limit the timestep just because some cells are too small. I'm not worried about them... or should I ? That's the question.

In the meanwhile the solver is still parallel running, residuals are fine (convergence is reached within tollerance in 1-2 iteration), and mean/max Courant num are oscillating at about 0.04/3.0...

Is there any way to display Courant number in Parafoam ? As it was a physical field.


kmooney March 19, 2012 11:38

You could instantiate a new volScalarField, populate it with the local Courant No and have it print out with the rest of your results. Take a look at CourantNo.H for some hints on how to calculate the Co field.

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