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JulytoNovember March 19, 2012 12:09

Ggi Question
I want to run a case with pimpleDyMFoam on OpenFOAM-1.6-ext, I have a 3D rotor. I've studied icoDyMFoam, for more background on ggi. My rotor is inside of my ggi, my checkMesh indicates there are problems with my ggi. BlockMesh is how I created my rotor and ggi. I created my ggi with 4 blocks, and its 1D.

1. Can the ggi be the outermost mesh? Or does it have to be housed within a mesh?
2. Does the ggi have to be implemented with the inside and outside using a different number of blocks as with the icoDyMFoam tutorial?

If someone could post an example for just a ggi mesh it would help immensely. Thank You.

For anyone who has the same questions, I think I've found all the answers to my own questions.

1. I 'm not 100% about does it have to be the outermost, for my case I created my ggi from an outer mesh. To set the outsideSlider faces.
2. I've created my ggi using the same number of blocks for the insideSlider and the outsideSlider. The 2 sliders can't contain the same vertices, just make 2 vertices that occupy the same point. Assign 1 to the insideSlider and the other to the outsideSlider. The points that occupy the same space should never connect to one another. Essentially making the slider 2D, while working in 3D.

I hope this helps someone .

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