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latvietis March 20, 2012 12:09

volVectorField -> surfaceVectorField

I'm not completely familiar with what exactly is the difference between volVectorField and surfaceVectorField (if someone could explain in short words and in other way than in Programmers Guide.. though its not the main question), but what I'm sure of is that in


m*M needs to be surfaceVectorField (surface because when I tried to change this to vol then I couldn't compile the solver). The problem is that I want to define m and M values in a volume using setFields, but it needs volField. So my question - is it possible to somehow modify the given code that I could take into account all volume? Is that possible?


Phicau March 20, 2012 12:19


volVectorField is a vector field defined in each of the cells, while surfaceVectorField is defined on the faces.

Easy way to convert from volVectorField Q to surfaceVectorField is: linearInterpolate(Q)



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