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soonic March 22, 2012 07:14

how to handle liquids in Openfoam
Hello Foamers,

I would like to solve the case of water flowing in pipes. Simply said.
What solver for liquids to choose ? A very few solvers are compiled with support of state equation for liquids.

I would like to solve the heat transfer in liquid too (mixing two flows, not the solid-fluid). The only solver I found is chtMultiregionFoam in multiRegionLiquidHeater tutorial whose thermophysicalModel can handle icoPolynomial(incompressible) equation of state instead of perfectGas. The tutorial is solved as transient.

My flow is turbulent (RE~20000), incompressible, with heat transfer (mixing the liquids), pump driven - so buoyant effect could be neglected (?), neglected heat transfer to surroundings - adiabatic walls, one fluid/region. The steady-state solution is preffered.
As an initial case, I am interested in T-junction to mix two different mass flows of different temperatures.

IN1 |-->--------->--| OUT

I also found this thread with "Adding temperature to simpleFoam."
I succeed in compiling the solver not in getting correct results.

Since I am not successfuly moving forward I will appreciate:
- the help in chosing the right solver and
- the help in beginners approach how to handle with water in openfoam with mainly perfectGas-thermoType precompiled solvers.

Thanks for ideas.

inf.vish July 30, 2013 06:00

same doubt.
Did you find answer to your problem?
I am having a similar doubt. I want to model a T junction with two inlets and one outlet. Air at 300K is coming from one side and air at 600K is coming from other inlet and both of them are mixing.
Do you have any tips for me on which solver to use?

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