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arash1 March 26, 2012 20:03

sprayFoam results depend on the type of chemistryReader (chemkinReader/foamChemistry
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Dear Everyone,

I ran sprayFoam solver for a case similar to aachenBomb. In the case, chemkinReader is selected by default as the type of chemistry reader and its necessary files including chem.inp and therm.dat are specified in thermophysicalProperties located in constant directory.

The problem is that when I changed the type of chemistry reader to foamChemistryReader and added the corresponding reaction and thermo.compressibleGas files, the results of simulation turned out to be different. It seems the evaporation rate is lower when using foamChemistryReader instead of chemkinReader leading to further penetration length of spray tip.

For the species in thermo.compressibleGas, I set the same values as those in ~OpenFOAM/thermoData/therm.dat (see the attachment). So, I wonder what is the cause of such a difference.

Any help is appreciated.

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arash1 April 2, 2012 12:47

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I'm still interested in getting an answer.

I have attached two spray cases that are similar in all the input parameters but not in the type of chemistry reader. The cases are simple so that the run time of sprayFoam will be less than 5 minutes.

Although values in thermo.compressibleGas are same as those in chemkin (note that As and Ts values are hard-coded for chemkin reader as it is mentioned by Niklas Nordin), the results of simulation in my machine are significantly different. I'm using an updated git version of Open FOAM 2.1.x on Ubuntu 11.04.

Is this a bug or have I set something wrong?

Any help from experts is highly appreciated.

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