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vigges March 28, 2012 06:18

Strange simpleFoam solution after increasing sHM refinement levels
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Hi folks,

my problem is as follows:

I have a 'simple' 2D problem consisting of a diffuser (see pictures) and a wall on the right side of the diffuser (not displayed on pictures). The task is to simulate jet impingement and Nusselt number on the wall. The dump's top and bottom are defined as outlets. The inlet height is 0.01 and the entire domain is 0.4625 x 0.65 x 0.002.

As you can see, the diffuser flow is going in the wrong direction (see flow_arrows.jpg), but only when I apply the refinement levels displayed in 'flow_mesh.jpg'.
As soon as I reduce the center region's refinement by one to level 1, I get a diffuser flow in the right direction.

Additional Info:
solver: simpleFoam
turbulence model: k-omega-SST
boundary conditions:
U [mapped, uniform (15 0 0), cell, true, (15 0 0)]
p [zeroGradient]
k [fixedValue, uniform 0.856]
omega [fixedValue, uniform 660]
nut [fixedValue, uniform 0.0013]

U [zeroGradient]
p [fixedValue, uniform 0]
k [zeroGradient]
omega [zeroGradient]
nut [calculated, uniform 0]

U [fixedValue, uniform (0 0 0)]
p [zeroGradient]
k [fixedValue, uniform 0]
omega [omegaWallFunction, uniform 50]
nut [nutkWallFunction, uniform 0]

Any ideas how to fix this problem?
Thanks a lot in advance

I'm more than happy to provide more info if needed

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