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Per March 29, 2012 09:30

porousSimpleFoam and rotating porous media

I want to use a rotating porous media in order to disturb/set up a flow in a tank. Think of it as a porous screen or disk. From the tutorial of porousSimpleFoam I see that porous media is used for flow control, rather than setting up a flow. From the source term in the governing equation it can be seen that one needs a flow velocity in order to have a contribution from the porous media on the flow.

Does anyone know if it is possible to define a moving/rotating porous media by for instance using a moving reference frame (without altering the source code)? I have noticed that a solver named rhoPorousSimpleFoam exists. But this is for incompressible flow (I have incompressible flow), and the example did not have any MRFZones that I could see. Btw, I am using OF 2.1.0.

Thanks in advance for replies

Hisham April 15, 2012 18:32


Try the MRFSimpleFoam. It has a tutorial!

Also a wiki entry:

I hope these help!


Per April 16, 2012 04:01

Thanks for the reply Hisham :) I have already tested MRFSimpleFoam on a case quite similar with the one you posted. This takes care of rotation of a boundary face, but I still need to include a porous zone or porous volume (which must be rotating). Any ideas?


Hisham April 16, 2012 08:42

Hi Per,

Support for moving meshes has to be implemented in the code if it is not there. Look at interDyMFoam and interFoam to compare what you need to do. The tutorial/mesh has a dynamicMovingMesh directory for tutorials on how to move the mesh using the dynamicMoveMesh utility but not actually solving anything!

If you need to start a rotation in fluid, why not add a source term to the solver equation for body forces and set it up with some criteria to initialize the tank! This will also need digging into code.

Also, why not set the initial velocity field for a non zero value. You can use funkySetFields utility for adding an expression for cell values (i.e. based on position).

I hope you find a solution soon


Per April 19, 2012 08:29

In the beginning I am trying to avoid adding new functionality (time consuming). But it might be that I have to in the end. Thanks for the tip :)


Amjad Asad October 24, 2015 15:42

I would like to know, if you could solve your problem. My case is similar to yours. I have a porous body rotating on its axis in a Cylinder filled up with water. Here, i need to consider the rotation of the porous body
Best regards,

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