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rafamusura March 29, 2012 14:34

simpleFoam Delta wing 3D vortex
Hi everyone, well i'm developing an investigation of pasive snow removal on the BPEFM chilean antartic base and i'm getting used to openfoam.

Actually I could run a 3D simulation with simpleFoam and RANS turbulence model but i have some problems with validating my results. I mean that the results i get i don't know if they are fine or not. Second and most important is that I tried to understand the physic meaning of the parameters on the "0" folder. This initial conditions such as epsilon, nut, nuTilda, R (I know that p is preassure and U y velocity) but although I don't understand the meaning of the values given i've just copied from another simulation but I need to modify parameters such as air viscosity, resistant, velocity column.

If someone know where can I learn this things I'll be very greatfull. (i'm from chile so if you have the answer in spanish much better).


lovecraft22 March 29, 2012 15:43

I think you can start from here:

rafamusura April 9, 2012 23:53

Hi everyone, i'm having another type of problems now, so PLEASE HELP!, first:

The domain is a box and i need that the bottom face to be a wall, the left face to be the "inlet" of a 30 m/s wind and the right face to be like the outlet, the front,back and top faces i need them to be like a "open sky" boundary. I'm trying to simulate an outdoor experiment and i don't know what type o BC should I use.
The important thing is that i don't want the faces to affect the vortex generated by the delta wing.

Finally I don't know what parameters should appear on the 0 folder for simpleFoam, RANS, Spalart Allmaras config.


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