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mm.abdollahzadeh April 1, 2012 07:55

Dear All

Recently i have started working with openfoam. i need a multiregion solver which is capable of solving diffrent equations for diffrent zones. (for example one equation is solved for all zones and the other just for specified one).
I know that chtMultiRegionFoam is the solver that i should go through.
i am new in openfoam and get confused of setting a simple case. :(

I have some question at start which can help me start littile by littile :) .

1- should i creat seprate Meshs for my diffrent zones? ( i know that for the finall case i need to have diffrent folders with the name of my zones in Constant , 0 and system folder)
but what is the diffrences of these three boundary conditions?:confused:
and why they are using constant value for temperature and heat flux?:confused:

I will be too much thankful to have your comments and experinces :D


mm.abdollahzadeh April 1, 2012 08:22

Let me complete my question?

is it neccarry to create a mesh with blockMesh and split it into diffrent zones?
or instead i can creat a the mesh of each zones seprately?

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