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danvica April 2, 2012 11:44

Parallel run - number of processors
Is it possible to change the number of processors at run-time ?

In our office we have 5 workstations but just 1 of them is full-time dedicated to CFD.

It would be usefull to switch the execution on during the night and switch it off the day (but independently one of each other).

If anyone has an idea... thanks.


Phicau April 2, 2012 12:00


just reconstruct the latest time, change it to a new folder and start from that point decomposing with the new number of processors.


danvica April 2, 2012 13:07

Thanks ! Not as quick as I'd like in my cfd lazy dreams, but enought to be done. ;)

Thanks again for the hint.


Phicau April 3, 2012 02:35

You are welcome, just another hint: there is no need to hard copy your constant folder unless your mesh has changed, so just make a link to it in the new folder, it may save you lots of space.


alberto April 5, 2012 11:57

redistributePar is what you are looking for.

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