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jmf April 4, 2012 17:54

cyclicAMI problem in MRF zone
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Dear all

I'm trying to set a rotating blade case, using MRFsimpleFoam and periodic cyclicAMI faces in OF 2.1.x

Everything works, except a weird behaviour of cycliAMI faces inside MRFzone : they seem to be partially connected, and generate rotating strips, localized near the surface ! Please see the different images.
At the contrary the cyclicAMI faces located outside the MRF zone operate properly

I've been sticked with this problem for a few days, and I would be grateful to anybody who would help me

The complete case is downloadable here :
Just run ./allRun

Thanks in advance


jmf April 5, 2012 13:39

cyclicAMI problem in MRFzone
Hi everybody

This is the direct shortcut to the case data :

Best wishes


linnemann April 6, 2012 04:52

Hi have you seen this?

The reply from Andy about the nonRotating patches in the MRF dict.

jmf April 6, 2012 15:30

[Solved] cyclicAMI problem in MRF zone
Dear Linnemann

Many thanks for this answer, this line fixed the problem:

nonRotatingPatches (MRFcyclicTrail MRFcyclicLead);

You helped me a lot
Best wishes


windmachines June 23, 2014 12:46

Adding the cyclicAMI patches to nonRotatingPatches() does not work for me. I am using OF2.2.2. My results are similar to the images posted here. After many different attempts i dont believe it is possible to use MRF in conjunction with cyclicAMI as periodic boundaries. I could be wrong, but i would say this is only possible with normal cyclic boundaries in 2.2.2

windmachines June 23, 2014 17:36

This also seems impossible in OF2.3.0. Can anyone support my claim or possibly suggest how it can be done? Thanks

jmf June 28, 2014 14:56

cyclicAMI problem in MRF zone
Dear Ash

You might check that you have this in system/decomposeParDict :

preservePatches(yourMRFcyclic0 yourMRFcyclic1);

Hope that helps


maHein June 29, 2014 08:26

Could you provide a example test case, where it is not working?

I'm using cyclicAMI as cyclic boundaries in conjunction with MRF and everything worked so far using OpenFOAM 2.2.x and 2.3.x.



windmachines August 14, 2014 13:48

Martin and Jean-Michel,

thanks for you attention. I have started a another thread about this specific problem, with case and images attached:

please let me know if you might have any insight.



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