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matt.mech.eng April 6, 2012 22:20

setting up a bubbleFoam case
Hi all,

Ive been having a lot of trouble setting up a bubbleFoam case that will actually run, the courant number always blows up before 1 sec is even reached. I have basically taken the bubbleColumn tute from the bubbleFoam tute folder and used my own geometry..
I changed all the boundary patch names to suit mine and then I used setFields to initialise internal field for alpha. THe other parameter I did not specify and internal field and left it as uniform zero..

Do I need to specify and internal field for the other parameters??
Also the is not setFieldsDict in the system folder of the tute so how were they initialised in he zero folder in the tute?

The pressure residuals plot is showing larger errors until finally it blows up, while alpha always remains quite stable, it seems like the pressure fields need to be initialised can anyone shed some light on their experience with bubbleFoam?

Thanks in advanced


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