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gdeneyer April 9, 2012 05:15

Output files in time folders

I'm having trouble using rhopimplefoam. There are 20 files in each time folder

- ddt0(p)
- ddt0(phi)
- ddt0(psi,p)
- ddt0(rho,h)
- ddt0(rho,U)
- ddt0(rho)
- ddt0(U)
- divU
- p
- p_0
- phi
- phi_0
- rho
- rho_0
- T
- U
- U_0

I am just interested in T,U,divU and p but I don't know how to ask the program not to save the other data's. There is no object in the source code for these quantities where I could put "NO_WRITE" like it's possible to do with p,U,T,div.

Sounds a minor problem but considering the size of my domain and the number of simulation that I'm doing, it's really a problem because I'm approaching the limit of my hard drive.

Thank you

hz283 December 20, 2012 16:48

Hi Gilles,

Do you know how to ask the code stop outputing these *_0 files? I had the same problem now. I really appreciate it if you can give me some suggestions.


gdeneyer December 21, 2012 08:15


I didn't do it. These files come from the use of the backward scheme and it's quite interesting to let them in the case you wish to rerun from a certain time.

If you really want to drop them, you have to look in the source code for backward scheme ;-)



Lieven December 22, 2012 07:52

Hi Gilles,

Here is what you could do.
1. Set the regular output writing to a large interval (e.g. write over 1000 steps) so that you have a full backup of your simulation from time to time which makes it possible to restart if something would go wrong. Set purgeWrite to 1 or 2 so that only the last 1/2 folders are kept.

2. Use the writeRegisteredObject funtion to select the fields you want to write more regularly, in your case U, T, divU and p. Have a look at
to see how to use this function.

The _0 files are indeed created by the time integration scheme. These will not be printed with the writeRegisteredObject function.

Kind regards,


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