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Thilo July 3, 2012 05:29

Validating OF, turbulent flow over flat plate

I would like to calculate the turbulent flow over a flat plate by using pisoFOAM. My main concern is to get a correct boundary layer. Unfortunately I don't have a strong cfd background and I'm looking for some advices about what to change in my model.

To give you a start, my mesh sizes are:
normal to boundary: y+ 1.0 - 20 with 3 cells in the range y+ 0 - 10
flwo direction: y+ = 20
normal to flow direction: y+ = 7

The domain is rectangular, the sice is: 1x1x0.1 m

In my first model I used a turbulent flow at the inlet to get a boundary layer. Unfortunately this doesn't give me a good boundary layer as the velocities near the wall are to high.

Can someone give me a hint about how what I have to change to get a fully resolved boundary layer? Does someone has experience about how long my model should be to get a boundary layer which is comparable with the boundary layer of a channel flow?

Thank you very much in advance.


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