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Tobi March 25, 2013 06:28

Validation of the flamelet model (rebuild for OF-2.2.x)
Hi all,

maybe some people know that I am working with the flamelet model build by Alberto Cuoci and his team for OpenFOAM-1.7.x.

A year ago I started my masterthesis in biomass combustion with that model and Bruno rebuild it to use it with OpenFOAM-2.1.x.

In that version I made some validations (like the team of Alberto Cuoci did) and found some "bugs". I repaired everything and got very good results.

For OpenFOAM-2.2.x I rebuild the thermophysical model again (now by myself). Today I made a validation with an SANDIA CO/H2/N2 flame to test if everything is working as it should.

The results are in the brief documentation I added.

The flamelet model is now avaiable: (not published at the moment)

PDF of validation:

Hope someone can use it. Was enough work.


Tobi June 17, 2013 12:15

transient solver
Hi all,

the last month I worked at a transient flamelet solver. Now its done. The validation of that solver (compared with the steady-state solver and measurements) can be found here:

The solver and libraries are in the git repo.

Enjoy Tobi

javad.amnian October 28, 2014 17:41

hi Tobi
I'm working on the simulation of CO dispersion in enclosed area (Parking). It seems that your code about flame let (LibOpenSmoke) is suitable for my case.
does your OF code solve only combustion in the domain?
my case don't need to any combustion and i just want to model the carbon monoxide dispersion in the domain.
please help me.
thanks a lot

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