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cksquall April 18, 2012 15:37

Minimum Length nozzle
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Hi dear OF users

I am new in OpenFoam, and I am doing a project which design the nozzle by using the method of characteristic, first i get the contour and use blockMesh to creat the Mesh, and now here is my problem, which solver should i choose?

I assume that should be a isentropic flow, and set the boundary as attach, and using both sonicFoam/forwardStep and rhoCentralFoam/forwardStep , but both of them did not show the results i expect.

can anyone tell me which part i did wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help

niko.kivel July 18, 2012 15:23

Hi cksquall

I'm also new to OpenFOAM. I can't get my problem solved either :)
but concerning your problem, I have some remarks.
in "0/p" the "value" for totalpressure is missing, only p0 is given. further the "fieldInf" is only 1 Pa, I guess that's supposed to be closer to 1e5.

I'm no CFD specialist, but you build on a case with scaled physical properties, where 1m/s equals Ma=1, all this at 1K and 1Pa, so I'd put real world thermophysical properties, as well as real world Temps.


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