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aban April 23, 2012 06:14

hi, i am working in reactingFoam as a part of my mtech thesis. now i am little bit confused about the thermocompressible gas file. here i want to know what is As and Ts denotes.
from little bit of browsing i came to know it is coefficients for Sutherland interpolation for viscosity. but how can we calculate it for different reaction, or what are the variables which depends upon it or is it a constant value.

kmpang August 29, 2012 14:50

Hi there,

In case you are still interested to know: The As and Ts values are fixed at 1.67212e-06 and 170.672, respectively if you are using Chemkin reader with reactingFoam. Check chemkinLexer.L

If you are using OpenFOAM reader then you are able to change As and Ts for each specie. That's what I have observed. Hope it helps. :)

Best regards,

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