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Pekka May 21, 2012 12:57

OF 1.6-ext directMappedWall problem
Hi Foamers,

The problem using chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam solver found on the OF version 1.6-ext-cf522b76968d (check out 26.04.2012). I ran old cht case which works fine using OF 1.6-ext-f3027b3161e4 (check out 08.11.2011) but does not work on newer OF. The calculation not started and it says that directMappedWall patch are use wrong sample region and patch. For example
HTML Code:

        type            directMappedWall;
        nFaces          70;
        startFace      14100;
        sampleMode      nearestPatchFace;
      sampleRegion    bottomSolid;                //correct sampleRegion, works old OF version
 //      sampleRegion    topAir;          //incorrect sampleRegion, works newer OF version but results are not correct 
        samplePatch    bottomSolid_to_topAir;    //correct samplePatch, works old OF version
 //      samplePatch    topAir_to_bottomSolid;    //incorrect samplePatch, works newer OF version but results are not correct 
        offset          (0 0 0);

when I changed the sample Region and Patch so that both are from the same region (incorrect) then newer version OF calculate but there is no temperature connection between patches?

Has the batch definition changed? What is a idea take a sample from the same patch in the directMappedWall?

Does anyone have experience with this?


Pekka May 28, 2012 00:57

I fix this problem which related to sampleRegion and samplePatch. I replace files:


from older OF versions and compile again.

I read from forum about the directMappedWall boundary condition and conclusion was that requires a conform mesh between regions, is it correct? Has anyone implemented a ggi interface to chtMultiRegion solver? Any ideas about this?


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