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newOFuser May 28, 2012 00:50

inlet boundary conditions
Hi Foamers

I am looking to use the reflecting and non-reflecting inlet boundary conditions to run different cases as mentioned in the paper:
"Large Eddy Simulation of Combustion Dynamics of Bluff Body Stabilized Flame"
"Both cases with acoustically reflecting and non-reflecting inlet boundary conditions are modeled. The setting of the acoustic boundary conditions for the inlet is based on linear acoustic analysis."
"The reflecting inlet boundary condition is rigid boundary condition for acoustic waves, and all acoustic waves that encounter the boundary are reflected":
u'=0, u=u0
"Non-reflecting boundary condition is perfectly open for acoustic waves and all acoustic waves can pass through the boundary without being reflected":
p'=0, u'=-p/rho*a, u=u0+u'

Could someone point out if there are inbuilt boundary conditions in OF that can be used for the above?

Thanks so much,

immortality January 10, 2013 09:08

Im modelling wave rotor.the bcs are giving can i find the reflecting bc is appropriate for my case or non reflecting one?

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