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Horus May 29, 2012 08:33

Visualize checkMesh output with Paraview

I'm using OF 2.1 with Paraview 3.14 from my distribution packages (ArchLinux). I was unable to build the paraview included in the OF third party package.

checkMesh writes out some faceSets and cellSets to 3/polyMesh/sets/ which I want to visualize with paraview.

The OF reader shipped with paraview loads the mesh, but I'm unable to find and view the sets.

I also tried using "foamToVTK -time 3 -faceSet skewFaces" which generates VTK/skewFaces/skewFaces_0.vtk. I can load the mesh and the skewFaces both in paraview. But since paraview does not offer a list of patches to select I need to load the entire mesh everytime which makes identifying the skewFaces more difficult and also brings my memory to its limits.

Is there any better way to visualize these faceSets/cellSets?

Is the OF reader shipped with the third party package more capable?



Horus May 29, 2012 11:51

Ok, just managed to make the compilation of third party paraview working and the PV3 OF reader is able to read the sets.

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