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premal June 22, 2012 07:29

How can i run case in OpenFOam?
I had created .UNV mesh file in salome. Now how can i mesh file input in OpenFoam? and how can i run in the OpenFoam?


How can i run own any case in OpenFoam?

wyldckat June 23, 2012 15:29

Greetings Premal,

Those are very generic questions, so I'll give you generic answers ;):
  1. Read the OpenFOAM User Guide to understand how to use OpenFOAM:
  2. Use the forum's "Search" menu -> "Advanced Search" in the yellow tool-bar above, to search for Salome in the OpenFOAM forum.
  3. Search with Google for:

    openfoam salome tutorial
Best regards,

premal June 24, 2012 00:58

Thank you so much sir.....
i will try and if i will face any problem i will tell you.:)

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