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free-jet June 26, 2012 08:41

HELP : Study of an impinging jet on a sand bed. (Two-phase flow)
Hello Foamers!

I am trying to simulate a turbulent water jet impinging on a sand bed inside a cylinder.
I have already done the single-phase simulation (with a wall instead of the sand bed) using a 2D axi-symmetric geometry and the solver simpleFoam.

Now I need your help to add the sand bed:
- Which solver should I use (interFoam, twoPhaseEulerFoam,…?). For example would it be ok to adapt the tutorial bed2 (twoPhaseEulerFoam) with alpha=1 instead of 0.55 and a wall instead of the inlet? (the inlet would be a small cylinder in the center of the outlet.)
- Should continue with the 2D axi-symmetric geometry or is it inadvisable for two-phase flows?

Thank you very much for your help! (and sorry for my english... :))

free-jet May 2, 2013 16:26

Just a quick message to let you know that I haven't managed to solve my problem.
I am not working on this field any more, so it is useless to contact me about it... sorry! :(


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