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orman05 June 29, 2012 18:07

solver icoFsiFoam on OpenFOAM 2.1.1
Can someone help me find the equivalence of the solver icoFsiFoam on OpenFOAM version 2.1.1 ?

wyldckat June 30, 2012 07:53

Greetings orman05 and welcome to the forum!

icoFSIFoam is AFAIK only present in the variants of OpenFOAM, namely 1.6-ext:

The telltale reason is simple: the official/original OpenFOAM doesn't have "tet" meshes. (edit: well, not as deeply developed as in 1.6-ext...)

For more on this, you can search online for "FSI OpenFOAM" and here's a few samples of what I picked up:
I think that basically all refer to H. Jasak's work that is also now in the latest 1.6-ext.

Best regards,

elvis July 2, 2012 13:48


there will be a OF2.0-ext in the (near) future, but it will be from the Extend Team again.
SGI will most likely not integrate (FSI) code from the Extend Team unless you find someone who finances them to do so.

If you want to use the newer OF2-ext version contact them and ask them if you can help. => There is help needed for example on building Debian binary-packages to make the new version real.

orman05 August 5, 2012 10:31

how implement IcoFsiFoam on OpenFoam 2.1.1
I want to use IcoFsiFoam of version extend od OpenFoam in the official version e.g. OpenFoam 2.1.1 .
Solver IcoFsiFoam what can be implemented on the official version openFoam 2.1.1 ?

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