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hfsf July 24, 2012 12:54

I hope someone can explain me
Hello Foamers,

I'm working on a simulation of the solute transfer from a falling drop in a imiscible liquid. In this perspective, there's 2 possible approaches: simulate only the drop with a circulation pattern inside (haddarmard strem function) OR simulate both the drop and the bulk liquid outside. I'm interested in simulate the transfer of the mass fraction of the solute in the drop, so, a passive scalar.

For the first approach, i used scalarTransportFoam in a circular o-grid representing the 2d perspective of a drop. For the second, i tought using interFoam with a scalar Transport equation.

The problems is: I used the outer face of the circle as outlet, and set it as zeroGradient for both T (solute mass fraction) and U (velocity) in the first approach (scalarTransportFoam) with a uniform ascending velocity inside the drop simulating the falling, but there's no transfer from inside the drop to outside as I expected. You guys see some problem?

Is there's someone doing falling drop simulations out there, and could help me?

Thanks in advance!

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