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Djub July 26, 2012 06:29

Cyclic BC versus directMappedPatch
Hi dear Foamers,

juste a comprehensive question, please:

What is the difference between Cyclic BC and directMappedPatch?

If I try to answer my self:
Cyclic BC linkes respectively the cell of a BC-patch to another one. That means:
* All the field values are the same
* The two patches have exactly the same mesh

directMappedPatch can do the same as Cyclic BC, but is much more versatile:
* you do not link to patches, but copy some values from one patch to another (communication is only one way)
* you can choose what fields are copied (U and not p, all but not k,...)
* the patches do not have to be at the border of your domain. It can be "inside"
* the meshes do not have to be equal: OF "mappes" the first on the second, interpolating the value on the mesh (with the problems with offset, sampleMode and so on)

Am I right? Thanks a lot for correcting me.


PS: inserting tags, I saw directMappedBC. What are they? A mix between both?

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