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aban July 28, 2012 12:53

porous media in openfoam
i need to simulate the performance of catalytic convertor, hence i used poorousSimpleFoam as the solver in openFoam and inside the convertor i modelled as porous.
to know more about porous media i referred file named "porous media in openFoam"
but know i am little confused of the equation for source term in momentum equation
Si=-(μDij+1/2 ρ|Ukk|Fij)Ui
what does the term D and F represents.
the file is available here

ngj July 28, 2012 15:58

Good evening Aban

Dij and Fij are tensors of rank 2, which defines the flow resistance for the terms being linear and quadratic in the flow speed respectively. The main task is to give physical relevant coefficients.

Furthermore, Dij and Fij are given a rotation so the flow resistance is aligned with the local coordinate system, which is defined in the porousZone dictionary. The details on the rotation are given in the PDF, which you link in the thread.

Good luck


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